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Melt Flow Index Tester - Auto Cutting

Melt Flow Index Tester - Auto Cutting
  We offer a wide range of Melt Flow Index Tester widely used to determine the melt flow index of plastic material. This system is structured with a heated extruder tube, an interchangeable jet and a piston with dead weights. This piston is used to apply the required pressure on the material inside the carbon steel extruder tube. A Bend Heater is affixed around outer circumference of the extruder tube and is used as an effective heating material. This heater is covered with a mineral wool insulation. The extruder tube is installed with a PID controller to indicate & control the temperature. Manufactured in accordance to the ASTM D 1238 & equivalent standards, this range of testers is available in various models with different parameters.

Construction of the metal flow index tester:

  • The assembly is fixed on a rigid stand.
  • The bottom of the tube is lagged with an insulation of PTFE to prevent sticking of the extrudate
  • The jet through which the extruder is pushed out is made from hardened and ground die steel
  • The piston made from silver steel relieved at the upper end is provided to push the extrudate out of the jet.
  • The piston moves inside the cavity of tube. A sleeve to provide to guide the relieved portion of the piston
  • The plate-form is thermally insulated from the load.
  • The extruder tube assembly is mounted on a metal box.
  • A sheet metal control panel is mounted on the side of the equipment & houses the PID Controller, digital preset timer & other electronic components.
  • Cleaning tools for tube cavity, jets, stoppers and cutters for the extrudate are also available with the equipment.
  • The top of the piston carries a plate-form for keeping the load on.
  • Polyplast make Melt Flow Index Tester helps to find the MFI value of the polymers.
  • The tester is with full ancillaries, are part of the unit.
  • The Auto cutting facility is aunique feature of this model, which will start cutting the extrude on predetermined intervals and will make sure the final result free from technician’s skills.
  • PID type temperature controller makes sure very accurate and uniform Temperature.
  • The tester is as per ASTMD 1238.
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