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H.D.T / V.S.P Apparatus Tester

H.D.T Apparatus Tester, V.S.P Apparatus Tester
The H.D.T / V.S.P Apparatus offered by us is widely used as Heat deflection Testers and Vicat softening Point. This apparatus is essentially used to test the variations in the temperature & softening point of the specimen used. Available in various models with a number of stations, these apparatus are manufactured as per the ASTM D 1525 & D648 standards.
Description Model  PTE - 05 Model  PTE-03 Model  PTE - 02
Testing Speed 200mm/mnt (any single) 25-500mm/mnt 50-500mm/mnt
Max.distance between grips 700mm 800mm 800mm
Displacement resolution 0.1mm ( by scale) 0.1mm digital 0.1mm digital
Ball screw 1 No (Normal Screw) 2 Nos (Imported) 1No (Imported
Capacity of load cell </500Kgs. L.Count-0.
</> 500 Kgs.L.Count-0.1 kg </> 500 Kgs. L. Count - 0.1Kg
Max. Load Capacity 0-500 Kgs. 0-1000 Kgs 0-500 Kgs
Accuracy 0.4% of F.S. 0.4% of F.S. 0.4% of F.S.
Speed selection speed by selection   speed by selection
Grips for Sample 1 Set of Wedge Grip 1 Set of  Wedge Grip 1 Set of Wedge Grip
Electric Supply Single Phase 220 V Ac with 50 Hz Single Phase 220 V AC with 50 Hz Single Phase 220 V AC with 50 Hz
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